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ben-feltham-profile-imageThe key to reaching fitness goals is to come away from what I call Aimless Training, in fact success can only come from embodying the very opposite of that in my experience. A Periodized Program is a program designed to achieve specific goals, doing specific (and advancing) things, in a specific time period.

A typical Periodized Program, like a boxers training camp, is a 12 week course (as this is a good length of time for the body to display the affectations of the processes you put it through). The nature of this type of program means it will be pre-designed to advance as we journey through it, to ensure the body experiences maximum stimulation (and avoids the usual fitness plateau) and interim, as well as over all goals are achieved.

The Human Body is almost limitless in its potential and so I can design a program for almost any goal, the more aspirational the better, it just requires you to put in the requisite work, it will generally consist of the following:


Periodized Plan

Nutritional Plan - Free
Detailed Program - Free

1 to 1 training

'I come to you' £30 per session
(Reduced to £20 per session
for a 12 week course)

'You come to me' £28 per session
(Reduced to £19 per session 
for a 12 week course)

Team Training

Train with a friend or friends to double your commitment and halve the cost. Peer pressure is a powerful motivator, and working out with friends is also fun. See below for a per person pricing guide:

2 People:
£20 pp or £15 with 12 week training block

3 People:
£15  pp or £12 with a 12 week training block

4 People
£12 pp or £10 with a 12 week training block

5 People
£10 pp or £8 with a 12 week training block 

Family Plan

Contact me for Custom Plans

Telephone Number:

07813 594 849 

Corporate Plan

Contact me for Custom Plans

Telephone Number:

07813 594 849

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